How dangerous are those aliens?


The Kardashev scale rates civilizations by their energy consumption, and the Torino scale rates asteroids for the danger they pose to our civilization. Is there a rating system for civilizations and the danger they pose to our civilization? A way to roughly calculate based on other observed traits?

I googled for a few minutes and couldn’t find one, so I’ve invented it now:

Jun Scale

Jun Scale goes from 0 to 10. The lower the number, the more dangerous

A Trait effect examples on rating

There could be a way of deriving a final score based on an average of other characteristics:

Some kind of dangerous microbe, like the Flood in Halo (5)

Technologically or mentally superior (weights towards 0-3 region)

sentience could contribute a final conditional factor – such as:

has a conflict-oriented/warrior culture (3)

Perceives time slower (8)

Have ethics that prevent killing other life (how would that affect their ability to do what “dominate” means – soft power?)

Multiplicative factors

Some factors apply an effect pushing the average rating towards the extremes, based on if all other numbers average to left or right of 5.


Where are we on this scale? Answer would require knowing our relative might in intergalactic warfare.

Science fiction story:

What if we are the only aggressive species for awhile (related to the idea that earth is prison planet with all the “bad” life forms)

Aka humanity turns out to be the most aggressive, type species there is, and the only one willing to go to war/colonize

Even a single human by herself could make quick work of the most advanced (peaceful!) alien civilizations.

A bug in the solar system’s democratically-committed code (that operates the state-run auto factory) resulted in runaway production of state-of-the-art “universe exploration ships”.

The runaway production occurred on a particularly metal-rich asteroid, before it was shut down. Eventually every human (and even some other smart animals) got their own.

So, all the humans puttered off into space. Explorers rarely interact with even a single other human (yes, thats how advanced the travel technology was, and the wide area of conquest, was!)

A long period of economic prosperity and peace emerged

  1. But recently, so much of the universe was already explored, that humans are starting to conflict with one another again, for the first time in a long time.

  2. But recently, there has been a growing sect of peaceful humans that vie to not conquer but rather equitably trade with them. This causes rifts between the two schools of thought, and follow-on skirmishes.

  3. But recently, there have been reports at the Emergency Galactic Help Request Line. It lay silent for several millenia, but recently there are reports of inexplicable lost contact in a particular region of space…