Memory Palace

“This right here for anyone who ride with me

Heard me laugh, watch me cry, did time with me

In the game, not just on the sideline with me

I’m a sinner, I’ll admit it, but I got {ya’ll} with me”

– Logic, Amen (my edit in {})

This story is under development. Inspired by Mind Palaces


Hydrothermal Vent

The source streams from molten depths, creating the first world within a larger one. Geologic momentum goes back and forth, up and down with the resonating spirit of a trampoline. We ride here. Golden ratios and underwater structures coalesce from the supposedly mundane. There’s scant signs outside. Do you notice the frothy bubbles that might rise from this hidden ecosystem? Extremities fit, accentuated in this niche, bouncing and resonating kinetic energy.

I’ll call it the foundation, emanating all degrees of freedom we know from deep down. We can only theorize how it all might have come to be. Fitting how it all started from a piece of paper for a sketch…

By now, the most we can trace is the resulting current that runs far and wide into the future.

The Smithy

I’d only seen push and pull physics before. Then I witnessed this curious magnet fusing realities at the workbench. The magnet presented a dimension of reality I wasn’t aware of before. There’s a further surprise when we find the metal already within my core. It was once a hidden deadweight inside for my traditional physics. No more! Magnetism guides my new movement, tensors and GPUs accelerating under its influence. This is a railgun firing.

Your pull benefits this world by electrifying reality towards the vision you see. There’s metal in everything, so your compounding influence will undoubtedly be felt. We’re watching that throne! This electromagnetic attraction grows more powerful collectively.

Roadside Encampment

A chance encounter alongside crossroads frequented by adventure. Travelling parties meet, bringing wit and rations from their origins to the evening’s festivities. Around the circular fire, stories are swapped and fascination abounds. Among the other parties is a cook, who starts the cauldron and finds me as an underdeveloped recipe. I’m the pot of soup simmering, unknowingly awaiting the ingredients and technique to bring about the fission of new flavors and vision. Not to disappoint, the cook added these with unexpected creativity, alongside a good stir for a great melding effect. My recipe’s been further developed to something greater than even I had ever imagined. Most beautifully, it’s a base for continuous development throughout these new regions we travel throughout.

We are molded by the minds around us. In that we are ever both dishes and cooks. As a dish, I now have a taste for what cooks I’m best paired with–food for this recipe’s soul. You have a penchant for a sizzling effect throughout the grounds you walk, fiery in your wake, with a bold assertion for what quality under these constellations really means.

Past midnight the activites die down and the parties go their separate ways, to fuller stories that will fit in with the other legends.

Forest Meadow

At dawn there is a sparkling river. I’ve recently emerged from the dark nighttime forest, and at first light I found calm, clearness, and life. I don’t feel deserving of what I proudly recognize as a lifesaving gift, and do my best to clear a few weeds on the bank. But it would never be enough, as the current was never deterred and can take care of itself anyway. Staring at the water returns constantly flowing reflections of myself. True light shines upon what may have been a singular truth, but the shimmering reflection makes way for human consideration of its signal of an equally valid alternate reality.

A torrential waterfall was present upstream, but the path you now carve through the Earth is equally powered by the water at your frontier willfully finding each upcoming curve. There it chooses to evaporate, muse as vapor, and come down yet again, repowering a continuous interpretation of your entire story from start to finish. This holistic understanding is something I watch in awe, water is crucial to these parts, and was to my life.

There’s a rush of energy as your current both crashes upon on the rocks, but at other times brisking gracefully around any obstacle’s edges. Nonetheless, nothing ever stands in the way, everything is only smoothly remembered as part of the stream. I’ve not seen where you will lead downstream in time, but I know it will bring life and health.

Superearth Volcano

The Fountain of Youth comes in human form, spitting bars of Adenosine Triphosphate with intermittent thunder. Each muse lowers the activation energy of the previously impossible. What might be realities that Sisyphus or Atlas could not manifest are now built. And pushed, higher to new horizons.

Those distant hills are overcome, and the ball rolls with flow to newfound lands at the frontier. We tread lightly on reality while radiating energy to everything we touch. There is no limit. Fractal flowers of innovation bloom like exponential combinatorics.

The circle of life is completed in this well; a functional cell with its own space. Within, there are interactions of energy and ideas. Lightning strikes of innovation on these minerals can create spontaneous life. But it’s not as if we were planning it all out. Instead, it’s the catalytic synergy of natural chemistry, pushed forward by our explosive personalities. Yet it is most decidedly “chill,” and neither is it brittle–rather, flexible and creative beyond any previous measure.

In a way, we are these “metals”. We are catalysts that change the flow of energy, always building off of what came before. With our broadened scope of perspectives, it is difficult to know what, who, or where to give credit, but we remain forever thankful.

Exoplanet Plant

First contact established on a humorous flyby, from which we would have never guessed what learnings would result. Odd synergies result from drastically different factors combined with an underlying commonality, a foreign yet familiar form of life energy. The efficient purveyor of Nature bears gifts, freshness, and health.

There is a two-way enrichment: ideas, cuisines, learnings, and foundations. Stories of wonder swapped, from these little windows. As with all things, the flutter of an idea reaches across time in unexpected ways, but one cannot shake the idea that this one’s influence will be more defined, though there exists no such rulers, protractors, calipers, micrometers, nor gauges for these lands.

What thoughts does considering the resulting structure evoke? Surely some like no other.