*Chord plays*

“Aight. Or… higher, probably, right?

Fuck it, just record it. Who cares?

One, two…”

– Logic, Intro

The above lines appear at the start of Intro, the first song on Logic’s debut studio album Under Pressure.

When it’s time to create, there’s no time to seek perfection. Enough pause or doubt might kill inspiration and energy in the crib. Just say “fuck it” and hit record.

Two potential interpretations:

If Under Pressure is interpreted as a start, it’s a story of how at the very beginning, he’s ready to start without seeking perfection. And while there were bumps along the way, Logic’s made some undeniably great music.

If you treat Under Pressure as not the “start” (since he released a bunch of mixtapes and albums before), you could reason that after signing with Def Jam, he was under even more pressure to be perfect. And in his very first song, he rejects that.