Internet-Age Immune Systems

This list is ongoing, started 11/08/20

fighting tech parasites: BigCo Tech reaching further into our minds/emotions/biology, we may need a new kind of consumer tech focused on fending off their parasitic nature

scaling society: people’s mistakes are cemented on the Internet; a society motivated by FUD/anger, without forgiveness and reintegration, will fail in the long run

immune system against FUD: so many things on the Internet are growing more and more aggravating to drive engagement. ad-driven platforms are not incentivized to stop this. we may need to create defensive tools for ourselvees (e.g. client side, or in our brains, etc.)

social cooling: digital tracking online is leading to “social cooling” where people dont express ideas as much

integration: as apps begin to reach beyond our looks/activites, towards our emotions and mental states, there will be a need for an SDK to process this logic

apps can gain user trust by usnig privacy respecting oauth : privacy respecting oauth

we will want to track the nanorobots inside us

most popular conotent on the Internet comes from it making an immediate splash on a timeline, not necessarily updates or retractions

journalism is still very uni-directional. with latest internet communication technologies, it’s not dominant anymore. how do we reel the conversations back in a way where power over the narrative is just?

Something in omegle / chatroulette? where people are anonymous?

not good that we’re being trained to accept all these cookies, and not be aware of it

with so much content generated, we should have the calipers to measure and verify

automated deepfake takedowns is the parallel to the generators

all AI “models” registered, like guns

the form of life normally is cells, hence viruses the form of life of computers/information is data, hence GANs

old idea E and i early 2018–spread GANs everywhere, stuff them everywhere