calvin andh obbes


the superheroes.gif one is straight up true these comics, core of philosophy as wittgenstein says, are covering the topics todays REAL superherores TRULY encounter in daily life

while most people are not living

infinity quote

if people could capture rainbows zoo too

top comics showing family

calvin saw couch coming (Saved) pretty cool that calvin mom working on stuff experimentation runs in blood plymouthh comic system (typical school day) ahhhhh desk midlife crisis

hunting season

sarcasm “being miserable builds character”

basically how the world works (trucks over bridges comic) (sun setting comic) basically how the world works sometimes life unlucky (lucky rocketpants )


back in the day i thought that the “real” reality was the stuff that was fantastical…

but now were more likely to read it as, “calvins making stuff up”

so calvin and hobbes bridges the gap by having us see both persepctives