Body OS


in the future, products will include psychoactive elements as a major part of the product. undeniable as it influences the experience of people thinking, base of all experience. example: music recommended with taking weed or something. late stage would be “requirement” for its functionality (or an integrated dosage service)

Core necessities

Current state of affairs, as for how close they are: tech on sleeves and rings.

dezeen stuff

human sensation/representation




a new controller with the brain

improved tech

discreet, flexible audio

overlay on top of visible, via fashionably visible gear

a scaffold to equip necessary, problem-solving daily sensors on you all the time

discreet, inside mouth

increased need

carrying more things as more tech is needed. similar to how phnoes grew larger in storage

general flexible skin-like tech, like how transistors made computers possible

defensive technology

communal augmentation via standardized, embedded wearable technology

can we create a body OS? that has APIs? attach listeners on

body LAN? share internet?

editing genes:

why cant you decrease peoples volumes in real life

adblock on google glass

instead of “theres an app for that” “theres a __ for that”

make a heart monitor that broadcasts on my website that im alive

is there some neurotransmitter consumable as a drug that will help us aliggn our incentives?

like the nicotine-gymming idea. wear nicotine patches when going to gym

obviously nicotine is a little too addictive for our preference. is there something to bridge the gap before we get addicted to endorphins from exercise (good thing)

what we want is a more well-balanced neurotransmitter that can be used as a drug in guiding our behavior. like how sci-fi books describe addictive drugs–where they have the system of reliance in place, but its always for some bad reason. we want to find a way to do it for good reason. and also have it be less addictive, so its not controlling