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Sols - Oct '20

Raspberry Pi Smart Doorbell:  Telegram Notification when your Pi detects people and animals (Libre OSS)

Birdwatching:  Programmatically customize Twitter Information Intake

Song modifications:  Made a few songs I like even better

Custom Cache Plugin for Netlify:  customized dependency caching when using Netlify to deploy stitched-together sites/apps (like this one) (Libre OSS)

AM/FM:  Automatically see new music that friends find on Spotify

Link Saver:  Quickly save and categorize links you find (Libre OSS)

QuickAMA:  Host an AMA for charity (inactive)

Twitter/Spotify full-stack boilerplates: there were no boilerplates online including these APIs with React/Firebase/Typescript, so I made two (Libre OSS)